We charge our fees based on the Advocates Remuneration Order or on retainer basis. Usually the basis of our charges will be set out in the letter
confirming our acceptance of client’s instructions to act. Where appropriate, factors set out in the Advocates Remuneration Order may be taken into
account, for instance complexity, value and importance of the matter being handled.Sums incurred by us on our clients’ behalf such as stamp duty, search fees, agent’s fees and all other disbursements will be recharged in addition, as will expenses incurred on faxes, courier, emails,
telephone calls and copying.Value added tax where applicable, presently at 16%, is chargeable on fees and most disbursements (other than stamp duty and government fees). Our quotations and estimates do not include VAT unless otherwise expressly stated.We may submit interim bills during the course of
handling matters. Also, we may at any time require from you a deposit on account of anticipated costs and disbursements. Such deposits are, in the normal
way, held against payment of the final account to be rendered to you and the client is expected to settle interim bills without resort to the deposit.